“This is a man’s world”, says James Brown in a famous song of the 60s. “But it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl”. Women are a force to be reckoned with. They are moms, they are strong leaders, they inspire and motivate others, and they make the world better with their determination and constantly aim for success. But, most importantly, they act in a true ecosystem, building meaningful relations with those around them and becoming both mentors and mentees.

We see powerful women every day and observe the bonds between them, the way they support each other, the influence they have on each other’s lives and the way they strive to pass on only the best. Sometimes, as a result, they become more alike both physically and emotionally. Inspired by this, NN celebrates women and values them both professionally and personally. It is no coincidence that 75% of their C-level team is represented by female leaders. And through UNA, the unique insurance product dedicated to women, they support them to achieve anything they set their minds to, without having to take risks when it comes to their health or financial future. This is their way to help the women benefit from the protection they need.

UNA was designed like a friend who is always there to offer support. It stands by a woman’s side in difficult moments, helps her get back up on her feet and is supportive when she is having a rough time. Discover UNA and read about this special product designed for women from Romania here: https://www.nn.ro/femei/una.

To emphasize their commitment to women, at Women of Romania, NN will encourage the participants to think about special women in their life. Perhaps is a mother, a daughter, e real close friend from early childhood or even an inspiring and supporting colleague. Bring back great moments spent together and make them last forever, in a print frame.

Choose a special photo from your phone and NN will print it on the spot. One for you and one for your dearest one. Because memories are meant to keep and friends to cherish.

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