Sonia Micu is Founder at NALU Underwear, a Bucharest-based brand that started only a year ago. The company has also won the big prize at Startarium PitchDay.

Beyond lingerie, she built a solid community that shares the same values: minimalism, simplicity and comfort.

After 10 years of marketing in multinational companies, on the top management positions, Sonia Micu changed her lifestyle. She launched NALU underwear, she started as a one woman show, for which she learned design in London and web development, by tutorials. She spends hours thinking about projects, people, and content that would best contribute to this consistency, without the feeling of being work. As they get bigger organically she hopes she will have a solid base of experience to go beyond lingerie in time.

Sonia won the grand prize of 70.000 EUR last year at Startarium PitchDay by convincing the jury with the potential of her startup and with her pitch that you can watch here.

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